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A tailored ceremony

You plan your wedding and want to make this day unforgettable. Your ceremony will be the highlight of the day, with moving words and symbolic rituals.

We put our experience at your disposal to create the soundtrack of this unique moment. You can choose the songs that are important to you and take advantage of our advice

Our advice & suggestions

Here you will find our suggestions for your ceremony : the good moments to accompany, and the songs that correspond to them.

Of course you can choose any songs you love.

Before the ceremony

You can schedule 2 or 3 songs until the guests get settled.

Norah Jones

The mamas & the papas

The broken circle breakfown

Groover Washington

Yael Naïm

Michel Berger


Entrance of the procession/groom/bride

You can choose 1 to 3 songs to beat and customize the entries of each.

Christina Perry



Christina Aguilera

Edith Piaf

Aretha Franklin

Louis Armstrong

Elton john

Exchange of greetings / Ritual

You can plan a small, discreet instrumental musical background

Yann Tiersen

Dario Marianelli

Ludovico Enaudi

J.S Bach


Lovin Spoonful

Bright eyes


Sixpence none the richer

We can, at your convenience, interpret your songs or broadcast a particular version that is close to your heart.

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